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But there's one secret the retailer doesn’t want you to know: which companies are making all of its deliciously affordable Kirkland booze? The internet’s opinion: Goldfarb notes that “it’s believed that Kirkland’s Canadian whisky comes from Crown Royal.” We might never be able to confirm who manufactures the booze for sure, but the purple label sure makes it seem like Costco is inviting comparisons to the popular Canadian whiskey. Visit the post for more. ... Costco stores in New York don’t have liquor in their own stores but have adjoining third party stores that sell liquor. The vodka is 40% alcohol by volume (80 Proof) and it’s available in a 1.75 liter bottle. And while both are made from Gensac Springs water in Cognac, France, and both are made in the same distillery, they’re actually different products, which you’ll quickly realize when tasting them both side by side. If you live in one of the states that allows Costco to sell its Kirkland Signature booze, consider yourself lucky, because spirits experts say the store-brand spirits are dead ringers for the top-shelf stuff — and they’re usually 20 to 40 percent cheaper. Price (USD) : $14. Confusing things further, the company doesn’t keep an online list. 13 Vodkas Under $25 That Actually Taste Damn Good Deep Eddy Vodka. “I’d assume this comes from Cruzan -- it smells like Cruzan, too.” He says that the rum’s artificial vanilla extract flavors read a bit too medicinal for his tastes. “$20 for a handle? The proof is on the packaging, with the Reynolds logo proudly displayed on the shiny blue boxes. But not Kirkland’s. The vodka is 40% alcohol by volume (80 Proof) and it’s available in a 1.75 liter bottle. It doesn’t. I have two questions: 1a) The nutrition facts (from for one serving of costco signature vodka (plain) says that it has 12g of carbs per serving. (80 Proof) Country of Origin: USA; Importer: n/a; Maker: Fairmont Ltd. Mira Loma, CA; Notes & Description: I’ve purchased – and it’s a solid, smooth vodka. Read this handy guide on who makes seven of these best-selling spirits for Costco, and if they’re worth your hard-earned money. This particular one states that the rum is distilled on the island of St. Croix, which narrows it down to two distillers: Cruzan or Captain Morgan. The expert opinion: “I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s from France, and that the way the bottle looks skewed my thinking,” Jensen says. Brand name equivalent: Herradura Tequila Añejo, $44 at Mash & Grape. The expert’s opinion: You’d think knowing the NOM would make this easier. Computers. Last year Costco stores in Washington started selling liquor. A bottle of fancy vodka, like Grey Goose, costs about $35. It tastes just like grey goose but it costs a lot less. “Diageo has a boatload of gin distilleries, so I can see them producing something like this there,” he says. Costco alcohol price list – Vodka, Whiskey, Scotch, mixers, blenders, and more. Proofing dates back to the British Royal Navy and the 18th century, when gunpowder was tossed into distilled spirits and ignited. Vodka enthusiasts say this is why Costco’s Kirkland bottle tastes so good. There are varying reports on whether Costco has adopted the same policy in other states. Now, you can buy nearly every spirit under Costco's signature in-house label: American and French vodka, Scotch, whiskey, bourbon, rum tequila, and gin. 1b) What is the actual carb content in one serving of plain costco vodka? Kirkland tequila is produced in the same distillery as Cielo tequila. Wine Enthusiast we 84; Appropriately neutral aroma and flavor, although a distinct rubber note appears midpalate. This vodka is found at the Costco liquor store. American grain is loaded into a cooking chamber and blended with purified spring water before being heated to convert starch into sugar. According to Costco, theirs is aged an average of three years. Overall, he didn’t mind the taste, and said if you can cover the scotch in a cocktail like a Penicillin, it’ll be fine -- though his overall recommendation is to spend a little more money on another brand. Serve Stolichnaya 100 Proof Premium Vodka neat ice cold or on the rocks. Age: N/A. Trader Joe’s vodka, 40%, $9.99 750 ml bottle . If I lived near a Costco liquor store, I would stock this all the time. The Kirkland Signature añejo tequila is another clear loser. Who makes Kirkland beer IPA? The expert’s opinion: “It doesn’t taste all that much like Dickel -- I don’t get that much spice on it,” he notes. “It has that spicy charcoal on the back end, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s seen charcoal filtration -- or charcoal mellowing, as they like to call it.” But just because it doesn’t taste exactly like Dickel doesn’t mean they don’t produce it! If this is true, does it mean that they are the same formula? The spirit base of Gin is primarily grain (usually wheat or rye), which results in a light-bodied spirit. You could search this free Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau database to find out which importer/producer the booze is sourced from, but it’s complicated, just like that Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin movie. Floral & Gift Baskets. It’s no secret that robots make the best pizza at Costco, and that the robot revolution will start when the pizza androids finally decide to revolt. It’s smooth and practically flavorless, and a fantastic deal at $14 for 1.75 liters, but reviewers agree the French version, with its rich, silky-smooth texture, is far better. Costco alcohol prices. Stolichnaya 100 Proof Premium Vodka is a smooth, 100 proof vodka, with aromas of marshmallow, fruit peel and mineral. Smooth and lightly sweet, our ultra-premium vodka provides a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth. The premium ultra-smooth elit vodka has garnered numerous awards for its purity and crispness. American grain is loaded into a cooking chamber and blended with purified spring water before being heated to convert starch into sugar. I am going to be keeping one of these on hand in my bar at all times. Costco's Kirkland Vodka vs. Grey Goose This May Be Proof Costco Vodka Trumps All Others. A true India Pale Ale. But since spiced rum drinkers often cover up the booze with Coke anyways, this bottle is a helluva steal at $14.99. Regulations regarding online advertising of hard liquor vary from state to state, so Costco avoids the issue but not listing any of its spirits online. According to this one it’s made at Fabrica de Tequilas Finos, S.A., in Tequila, Mexico — the same distillery that produces Cielo. This narrows down the distilleries a lot. This is the priciest bottle we picked up at Costco, and Jensen says for that price you might want to instead consider Old Grand-Dad, Old Forester, Buffalo Trace, or Eagle Rare. Wine Enthusiast. This bottle has not been rated by this competition. Available at $11.99 - $14.99 for a 100 proof 750ml bottle. The hands-down favorite of all Kirkland spirits, the French vodka earns high scores from experts and average drinkers alike. Reviewers give it good marks, saying it’s a great value and perfect for mixing, although a little too subtle and lacking in the complexity you’d want in a sipper. One that I can't grasp my head around is vodka; more specifically costco vodka. If you think Kirkland just pours Grey Goose into a vodka bottle, think again. One that I can't grasp my head around is vodka; more specifically costco vodka. Costco carries items in our warehouses which may not be available online. Unlike many of the boutique gin producers that go all-in for a whole slew of botanicals, this one adheres strongly to the classic London Dry style, with just the right amount of citrus zest to balance the juniper. Grey Goose vodka. If you’ve ever shopped for inexpensive gin, vodka, tequila, or other spirits at Costco, you’ve probably wondered the same thing. For Costco enthusiasts everywhere: a vodka. The Kirkland Signature American Vodka is the Costco alternative for those who prefer domestic vodkas such as Tito's. Are there any other bottles of Kirkland booze that you like to shop for that aren’t on this list? You'll taste hints of frosting, citrus rind and talc in Stolichnaya 100 Proof Premium Vodka . My last memory of drinking Tito’s was ordering it in Mexico, not realizing it had to be imported from the USA & paying a hefty premium because it was the most expensive Vodka on the menu (It was a LONG time ago). From field to bottle Kirkland Signature American Vodka uses only the finest 100% American heartland grains and pure spring water to create this special vodka. We caught an episode of Giada De Laurentiis making orangecello with oranges and vodka not too long ago and have been thinking of trying it. He notes that it could also be a blend from one of Johnnie Walker’s distilleries, but he leans towards Dewar’s. Simply mix with lemonade and pour over ice for a refreshing tasting Diddy cocktail. Most importantly, he thinks this is one bottle worth seeking out. It’s smooth and mixes well with my cocktails. Here is a list of the whiskies Costco Australia typically has on offer […] It is made right here in the USA, so if you want to have a good ol’ American showdown, have a blind taste test with Costco Kirkland Signature Premium Domestic Vodka USA 1.75L. Does anyone know more about this. It's also filtered through white birch charcoal four times. By Janet G. 120 reviews. He says this is an ideal spirit for any citrusy cocktail like a Tom Collins or a Bees Knees or a classic gin and tonic. Furniture. Baby. by … Bumble Bee / Costco. The Kirkland Signature American Vodka is the Costco alternative for those who prefer domestic vodkas such as Tito's. That’s a harder question to answer. Visit your local Costco warehouse for current product inventory and to see if we stock what you are looking for. We thought we’d put together a list of Costco liquor prices so you could reference it when trying to find the best deals.. Costco… Price: $16.99; Volume: 1.75L; Proof: 40% alc./vol. That’s because Costco’s bourbon is no longer from Kentucky -- this is delicious Tennessee whiskey, and Goldfarb says it’s likely from George Dickel. The internet’s opinion: The most persistent rumor is that Grey Goose produces it (Costco also hawks a less expensive American-sourced vodka). Product-wise, though, this seems more comparable with Herradura. At 92 proof, it’s quite a bit stronger than comparable brands like Captain Morgan (70 proof), which means it’s an even better value and will stand up better in mixed drinks. The vodka compares to the Grey Goose bottle at $47.99, and is far superior to the Absolut at nearly the same price. “There’s something funky in there,” he says. (80 Proof) Country of Origin: USA; Importer: n/a The bottle is like a large bowling pin and it only comes in 1.75l size, so make sure you have a suitable spot to store it. We agree with the reviewer at Best Tasting Spirits, who says that “the rum is shipped to California where Levecke [sic] Corporation adds natural flavors and caramel color before bottling at 92 proof in a 1.75L bottle.”. Costco’s store-brand imported vodka has earned an impressive cult following — especially for such a bargain booze. Born from generations of winemakers and distillers dating back to the 15th century, Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, the Master Distiller of CIROC, carries the art of distilling in his veins and is based in … Your mileage may vary. Kirkland Signature Vodka has trounced the expensive name brand in multiple blind taste tests despite being a fraction of the price. One downside: the Kirkland bottle doesn’t get you one of those sweet purple velvet bags associated with Crown. Add them in the comments below! I absolutely love Kirkland Vodka. 6. 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