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Made from very select prime soft maple to ensure strength and light feel. Custom fungo bats for coaches. S trength. The glossy finish is amazing. ", "Feels great. If you have any questions about your Custom Crafted Limited Warranty or have an issue with your bat, please call 844-531-5506. SSK wood Fungo are precision balanced and lightweight for maximum length of use. We make our fungo from maple, poplar and ash. These Custom bats are made to each customers' exact specification. Custom Bats; Fungos; All Bats. Our fungos are made from hand-split, solid rock maple just like our game bats, so your custom fungo bat will be with you for a long, long time. Our hardest maple makes a classic fungo unparalleled on the market. The SwingTracker captures your precise swing data will securely fit inside of the actual knob of a custom wood bat. Coaches need to swing quality lumber too! Look for an email when your order has been shipped. These bats and Fungos are hand turned and bone rubbed to assure peak performance! The only reason I got a second one was to change up my colors. Please complete the fields below to alert the Louisville Slugger team so they can help. This is also a great way to send someone a "hint" for the holidays or your birthday, or just because you're awesome. 21-23 oz. In stock $ 84.99. ", "This fungo is amazing! On the REVIEW & BUY screen, you will have a chance to review your design choices and make changes before you purchase. Please complete the fields below and send the Louisville Slugger team a note so they can help you gain access to the shopping cart. THE SKYFALL SMALL BATCH FUNGO. One Hand Trainer. Since Louisville Slugger's inception in 1884, we have created nearly 6,000 turning models for professional players, allowing us to build an unmatched library of the most prolific bat shapes from which to choose. The Louisville Slugger Pro K100 custom fungo model features the largest barrel size and heaviest weight in the Louisville Slugger fungo bat lineup. Looks great . Once your payment is accepted, your order will be sent to our factory where we'll start building your custom Louisville Slugger bat! It sports a very popular and time-tested build, with a slightly tapered knob bolstered by a large sweet spot and a little extra weight at the end, giving you lots of extra pop. Extra long, extra light designs. Light managable feel. Custom RG Ash Fungo $ 73.99; Select options. It also is the design used for the best fungo bat for softball coaches, due to the ball being bigger. Though rare, high performance bats can and do break. Handle Thickness measures the diameter of the handle. Coaches hit many balls during fielding practice, and the weight and length allow the coach to hit balls repeatedly with high accuracy. This fungo is made from Chinese Whitewood (also known as White Wax Wood), which is one of the most shock absorbent woods available. So, please take care when entering all personal and credit card details during checkout, as erroneous information may delay your order. or Best Offer. While in the Review and Buy screen, just click any pencil icon and you'll be taken back to the customize and personalize screens to make your desired changes. Free shipping on all … Coach hitting and practice grounders and fly balls. $109. You will be directed to the cart where you will enter your personal details, payment option, billing and shipping information. If approval cannot be obtained during checkout, you will be contacted either by phone or email and the problem will be indicated. Click here for an update from Louisville Slugger regarding COVID-19. SHIPPING: Free. $69.95. I have no desire to even try any other fungo maker . To begin, click the "Add to Cart" button from the Review and Buy screen. If you have any questions about your Custom Crafted Limited Warranty or have an issue with your bat, please call 844-531-5506. We are currently unable to accept or ship international or APO/FPO orders. If you feel you have reached this message by error, click here to try again. Customize responsibly! Wooden Coaches Fungo in Ash or Maple with free custom laser engraving. Wood bats do not have a warranty. Our fungo bats are made from the lightest wood we have in our stock. The exception is if the product was made incorrectly. Category: bats. Prized in China for thousands of years, Whitewood is hard and tough, yet has terrific flexibility. Model: CF1 Medium to large barrel, great for placing ground balls and fly balls where you need. The Flylite MB 37 is the newest and lightest addition to the Louisville Slugger family of Fungo bats. Once you are satisfied, remember to review your changes carefully on the REVIEW AND BUY screen because a custom bat cannot be returned. The CS2 is constructed out of the same wood used in their pro model bats so you know you are getting a great piece of wood. Cupping a bat is the process in which the end of the barrel is hollowed out to remove weight while maintaining length. Choose from a smaller infield fungo or a heavier and longer general fungo bat. Pro and coach’s fungo bats are dual purpose: used for infield and outfield practice. Each individual turning model takes on a unique shape, swing weight and overall feel, made possible by the precision of a CNC machine. R22 CUSTOM FUNGO. It’s heavier and thicker through the middle to give more oomph. Unmatched sound and solid feel upon contact. The 318 model is a common pro player profile and is a great option for players looking for a bat that has it all. $109. Customize your MasTac fungo in your team colors (35" Length Only) PRICE: $89.95. Why You Should Use a Fungo Bat A coach without a great fungo bat is like a shortstop without a glove. Designed for more experienced fungo users, the K100 is perfect for coaches who love more mass in the barrel. Made of Japanese Poplar, this Coach’s bat is the most sought after wood Fungo bat in the World. Please have your Order # for reference so we can look up your bat as fast as possible. The Targod Pro Fungo (Natural) Wood Bat. Made from poplar wood, this training bat’s ultra-light feel allows coaches to hit ball after ball without getting fatigued. Traditional Taper: A gradual flare to the handle as it reaches the knob. If you have any questions about this, please call customer service at 800-986-5614. $34.99. Show your friends what you just created and reveal to them your true genius! Weighted perfect and solid as a rock. This is very important because a customized bat cannot be returned and your purchase is non-refundable. it is available in 33"/34" for infield and 35" for outfield. These bats use our highest end technology to ensure you get maximum performance every time you step up to the plate. Adding this bat to your cart will make your rush production fee $25.00. In your quest to find the best fungo bat, you may want to … Wood bats do not have a warranty. If you are shipping to states where sales tax is charged, the appropriate charges will be added to your merchandise total and displayed in your Louisville Slugger Custom Bat order confirmation email. Dinged but Really Nice Red 36"/27.5oz Ash Fungo Baseball Practice Bat. Please update or use a different browser. Fees for Rush: — $25.00 for the first bat — $5.00 for each additional bat With Rush Production your bats will be manufactured and estimated to ship on 12/11/2020 instead of 12/18/2020 using Standard Production. Well worth the money ", "Ordered for coach as a gift in school colors; looks great. Inappropriate or vulgar words, even abbreviated vulgar words. This ash fungo features a tapered knob. Sold out. Wood Bat Put your name on the bat, choose your color combination and choose the length you want. CS2 Fungo. Ships In 2-3 Weeks/7 Business Days (+$25) $80. This process creates a slightly more balanced feel to your swing and is especially effective on larger-barrel bats for increased swing speed. Check out this custom Louisville Slugger bat I created. If you do not have an account please click here to open one. To guarantee we keep our most valued customers coming back year after year, if breakage occurs under our warranty conditions within a year of your purchase, it is our policy to provide you with REPAIR or ONE TIME replacement of your bat. About the R22 Custom Fungo. Knob Taper identifies what kind of knob taper exists for that turning model. The Louisville Slugger Pro K100 custom fungo model features the largest barrel size and heaviest weight in the Louisville Slugger fungo bat lineup. The moderate size and mass of the barrel help coaches put balls exactly where they want them on the diamond. Should you desire a fungo bat to really rip the ball to infielders, consider the infield fungo. Fungo. WSF200 Maple Pro Lite Custom Fungo Wood Bat. We offer a 12 Month Limited Warranty Program to help you secure your custom investment. Feels great, a lot of pop coming off the bat, and it looks amazing! Your credit card will be charged immediately upon placing your Louisville Slugger Custom Bat order. Quantity-+ Add to Cart This model is a specially designed bat used by baseball coaches for practice purposes. Louisville Slugger Custom Bats only ship within the United States. $109. Our fungo bats have been used by coaches from Little League® all the way to the big leagues. You can get this bat in lengths of 34”-36” and made of ash or maple. **turnaround time: custom orders will ship in 10 business days **… Our bats feature three different knob tapers, each providing a different feel when you grip your bat. Glossy Matte Barrel Tone . $109. Fungo Bats are one of the most valuable tools for a coach. We make them in lengths from 33” to 36”. $79.99. $89. the ritchie fungo is perfectly balanced for maximum comfort and minimal effort. This Coach’s bat is the most sought after wood Fungo bat in the World. It appears you already have an account. If you feel you reached this message by error, click here to try again. Give your arm a break, and let Viper do some of the heavy swinging. Terms & Conditions. Handle Finish . $109. Louisville Slugger Custom Bat orders are shipped via UPS Ground. Outfield coaches like the longer 36” fungo. Please have your Order # for reference so we can look up your bat as fast as possible. Fungo – Custom Home / Bats / Custom Bat / Fungo – Custom $ 84.99. THE WAR BUFFALO SMALL BATCH FUNGO. Total: Swing Speed = Fastest Your Way. Shop wood fungo bats and training bats online at Phoenix Bats. Swing Momentum = Higher, Swing Speed = Slowest Swing Momentum = High, Swing Speed = Slower Description Reviews (0) 34″, 35″, 36″, and 37″ options; Choose between our two weights at -8 and -12 drops; BUILD IT! An end-loaded model will have more of its weight distributed toward the end of the bat, and its extra mass in the barrel section of the bat allows a player to generate more momentum in their swing, translating to increased power and exit velocity upon contact. Our top pick for the best fungo bat goes to the Marucci CS2. If you want to make a correction or just change things up, you can do so before you purchase. SSL encrypts your order information to avoid the decoding of that information by anyone other than Louisville Slugger. Every turning model is created with a set of unique measurements. Weighted perfect and solid as a rock. Ships In 2-3 Weeks/7 Business Days (+$25) $100. FUNGO quantity. The #1 recommended Fungo bat of Coaches. LOUISVILLE SLUGGER. The more balanced the bat is, the faster it can be swung and the easier it is to control the barrel through the swing. Coaches hit many balls during fielding practice, and the weight and length allow the coach to hit balls repeatedly with high accuracy. WOOD BATS. The Slugger Custom Bat application uses advanced web technologies that your browser does not support. Handle Tone . Mizuno Baseball Elite Fungo Bat 340501. The importance of double-checking your designs before you purchase, Our right to refuse personalizations that break our rules, If your credit card was declined while checking out. Thin comfortable handle for increased whip. Fungo baseball bats are available in several different species of wood. To proceed with a new model, please click "Continue" or choose "Cancel" to keep your current model. $69.99. Your custom maple SAM BAT will take between 3 to 5 weeks to be created by our experienced staff. One common cause of this is using "Private Browsing" mode. Please contact customer service at 800-986-5614 for information regarding a defective Louisville Slugger Custom Bat. You will then be given an opportunity to provide corrected information. Louisville Slugger protects your Custom Bat order information by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, with a digital certificate provided by Network Solutions. Privacy Policy | "Had a 36" custom fungo made for me, and it is the best fungo I have ever owned. Our top quality Maple Bat line, the exact same quality used by our Pro Guys! The SSK Fungos are precision balanced and lightweight for maximum length of use, and come in an array of team colors and sizes. Swing risk-free with our 10 day money back guarantee and 45 day warranty. Free shipping. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES. Best Fungo Bat Reviews of the 2014 2015 class of Fungo Bats from Easton, Slugger, D-Bats, SSK, Wood vs Aluminum Fungo Bat Reviews BBFN153 PS200 PS100 DBSS Before proceeding, please note that selecting a new model will clear any color and personalization data that you've completed. $74.99 USD. A visionary. If we need to replace your custom bat after inspection at Louisville Slugger due to warranty conditions, you have one of the following options: Expedited shipping of a current, non-custom version of your bat, or the newest version of your bat. Max Taper: An aggressive flare to the handle as it joins the knob for a wider feel in your bottom hand. Express (Handcrafted in 7 business days) +$25, Victus will not engrave any Big League player names, trademarked words, phrases, marks, logos or anything else deemed inappropriate. You will receive an email when your order has shipped. You've double checked all of your customizations and personalizations and you're now ready to purchase! Akadema fungo bats are the perfect "I-O" (infield-outfield) tool for all coaches to get the team ready for the big game. Feel and pop are amazing!!!! The Whiskeyville (Fungo) Wood Bat. Choose your tip and bat color. In the event the exact same bat cannot be made, a Customer Service Technician will work with you on options. These long, skinny bats are crafted to be lighter and longer than traditional baseball bats.Because they're used during practice drills and pre-game defensive warm-ups by coaches to enhance player performance, fungo bats are designed to … SSK Fungo Purple. In order to continue, please turn off "Private Browsing" & ensure JavaScript is enabled. Maple Bats; Pro Cut Bats; Pro Stock Bats; Youth Bats; Hybrid bats; Fungos; Trophy Bats; Training Aids. Marucci Custom Pro wood bats give you the ability to customize your favorite player-inspired model to your own specifications. Louisville Slugger charges sales tax where required by law. Add to cart Build your own. It appears you may need to upgrade your account access privileges. Closed grain structure = durable surface strength and stiffer feel. White Black Navy Royal Grey Maroon Red Green Orange Yellow Natural Whitewash stain Brown Stain Flamed. Lightweight in 34" or 35". Description Designed for practice, The SAM BAT Fungo is … New Marucci Custom Fungo 34” Wood Baseball Bat. Names of Major League players OR Major League teams, Any other trademarked marks, words or phrases, The name on the credit card does not match the billing name given, The billing address given does not match the bank records. Shipping rates are provided during the checkout process. Used for hitting ground balls and fly balls during baseball practice. Barrel Taper indicates whether the bat has a short dramatic transition through the taper, or a long transition through the taper. All final decisions are at the sole discretion of Louisville Slugger. Custom Fungo Bat. wood fungo bat, coaches fungo bat, fungos, maple fungo bat, infield and outfield fungo, custom fungo bats, school color fungo, wooden fungo bat , best fungo bat, pro fungo bat, fungo baseball bat, gift bats, maple baseball bats, wooden fungo bats, ssk, slugger bats, trophy baseball bats, birch bats For even more comfort, we also offer Lizard Skins. Over 70 percent of Major League players choose Maple. The Louisville Slugger Pro G160 custom fungo model has a big taper knob and medium barrel, making it ideal for experienced fungo users. WSF200 Maple Pro Lite Stock Fungo Wood Bat. WSF100 Birch Pro Stock Fungo Wood Bat. All Non Axe™ Handle Pro Reserve bats include a 45-day warranty, the longest in the wood bat industry. christmas tree barrel with a traditional flamed handle white/clear logo light weight maple available in 33" to 35" approx. The Mizuno Classic Fungo bat is unlike anything else on the market. You can share your bat on Facebook, Twitter or send it to all of your family and friends via email by clicking the appropriate icon on the REVIEW AND BUY screen. They will be made within 1-2 … Barrel Measurement is the diameter in the largest part of the barrel. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL INFORMATION IS CORRECT before you proceed to purchase. Your Louisville Slugger Custom Bat is made to order just for you and we cannot accept returns. Lastly the bat is lasered with your inscription and shipped. Custom Fungo Bat. ", "Recently got my second Victus fungo and I love them!!! Select your wood type, size, colors, and personalization to create the ultimate gamer that's uniquely your own. The glossy finish is amazing." Custom Fungo. Each bat is carved to your weight specifications, cupped and painted by hand. ", "I bought this as a gift for my coach. Relatively new species in the game, but the fastest-growing choice among professional players. In most cases, Louisville Slugger Custom Bat products will be shipped within 4 weeks from purchase date. In the bat world … $16.90 shipping. "Custom Fungo Bat" Posted by Brent Hopzer on Dec 10th 2020 "Had a 36" custom fungo made for me, and it is the best fungo I have ever owned. To stay in the lineup, players need to be as sharp on defense as they are at the dish. Barrels are harded with steel burnishing process to … If you have any questions about your Custom MLB Prime Bat or have an issue with your bat - please call 1-800-986-5614. Designed to be the ultimate wood fungo bat, the Coaches’ Series fungo is handcrafted from the same top-quality maple or ash used on all of our Pro Model bats for superior performance and durability. Your Name Here. The Louisville Slugger Pro S345 custom fungo model is the easiest bat to swing in the Louisville Slugger fungo bat lineup. Looks great! CUPPED. $89.99. Definitely the best looking Fungo I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend them ", "Light weight with a lot of pop. $17.00 shipping. No Taper: Handle comes straight into the knob with no flare. All rights reserved. By selecting Smart-Ready Knob, you’re authorizing the Victus wood production team to carve out part of the knob and install a dual-locking mechanism to firmly hold your SwingTracker sensor in place - which is not included with purchase of custom wood bat. Easton F4 Aluminum Fungo Baseball Bat. Swing Momentum = Highest. Will have to wait until next season to see how it performs.". Protecting your order information is our first concern. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for us to craft your bat… Looking to customize a new model? Easton MLF-5 37" Fungo Bat Black & Natural . Custom Heavy Trainer. Your web browser does not support storing settings locally. The RG fungo is for those coaches who like a shorter fungo, only available in 32″ and 33″. All Non Axe™ Handle Pro Reserve bats include a 45-day warranty, the longest in the wood bat industry. Fully customized and personalized. Smart Ready technology is provided by Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker sensor and is purchased separately. Make YOUR Bat. Two Hand Trainer. Quantity-+ Add to Cart This model is a specially designed bat used by baseball coaches for practice purposes. Infield coaches prefer the shorter 33” & 34” lengths. We will recreate your custom bat and deliver it within our current lead time of 4 weeks or less, depending on manufacturing conditions. Designed for more experienced fungo users, the K100 is perfect for coaches who love more mass in the barrel. Swing Momentum = Low, Swing Speed = Quick All content © copyright 2017 Victus Sports, LLC. $79. You're an artist. Custom UL Maple Hybrid Fungo From: $ 68.99; Select options. He absolutely loves it. Ships In 2-3 Weeks/7 Business Days (+$25) $50. In order to meet our goal of delivering your custom bat to you as quickly as possible, once an order is placed, all sales are final. Wider grain structure = lighter weight feel and more flexibility upon contact. If you're a coach and you want the best fungo bat you can get, Big Lumber's fungos are customizable. It is preferred by coaches who either want something easy to handle or those just getting used to using a fungo bat. In order to purchase your custom bat you must have an active Wilson Account. Swing Momentum = Lowest, Swing Speed = Faster Add your team name or coaches name!

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