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Defense utilizes multiple ways of utility that can help a team in PvP while having great defensives, offensives, and peel mechanics making it an excellent choice for 6.0. In the meantime, there are a number of new features coming to PvP. Scepter: The scepter is the guardian’s only ranged option. Tome of Courage: Tome of Courage is your sPvP elite of choice. Shield of Wrath can hit very hard and even give a few blocks if timed correctly. If you knock a foe down the stairs, it will take him around 10s to get back up if he doesn’t have any mobility skills. Metal Heat By: onframe. The frustration among foes when they are just about to landing the finishing blow, only to see your health suddenly return to full. The focus synergizes very well with the 1h sword. Sustained condition removal is gained through the heal, This is a build specialized in countering heavy physical damage compositions. Chains of Light can be used to immobilize your target in Smite or as a kiting tool while you use Orb of Wrath. All you have to do is sit back, grab a drink and a snack, put on some nice music and turn the pages.. My nickname is Eriko and I’m part of the PvP guild Unlimited. This is easily fixed by Leap of Faith and Binding Blade. Chains of Light from the scepter can be combined with Flashing Blade and Zealot’s Defense for a good initial burst. Its potential uses are endless, only creativity is the limit. Outside of combat you only have 3 options for providing yourself swiftness; Symbol of Swiftness (staff), “Retreat!” (shout) and Tome of Wrath (elite). As a point defender, you can generally build yourself in two different directions; physical-counter and condition-counter. A quick introduction to each of them: In each of the maps presented so far, strong middle control is important. The core symbol guardian is by far the easiest build to play in GW2 PvP, and while it may not be the most effective in higher tiers because of counter play with symbols, it is very good for new players.Build Template[\u0026DQExLyo3DRYDAQMBNgGKAAQBLQGKADUBcRI3AQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]Mender's ResistanceSword Focus Scepter Shield Double Energy Double Cleansing Check out my livestream at me with a one time donation using pay pal. Guild Wars 2 (Gw2) Guardian PvP Meditation Build Commentary Guide for the current Meta Build! You would want to use it when your health is as low as possible. He should know better. You are a brick wall, a rock among water, an impenetrable fortress. It also works as a blast finisher. However, Virtue of Courage can be traited to become a very powerful defensive tool. The guardian is a gentleman! The build utilizes the trait, This is your standard supportively built versatile guardian. Signet of Resolve can also benefit from the trait Signet Mastery for a 20% cooldown reduction! MetaBattle content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The build utilizes the greatsword to provide strong close-range combat and, This is a build specialized in countering heavy condition compositions. Ultimate Gameplay showing Best Combos, Tips and Tricks!\r\rGuild Wars 2 (Gw2) Warrior PvP ShoutBow Build Commentary Guide of current Meta Build! In a 4v4 or similar, securing the first stomp will give the opposing team a hard time recovering, most likely securing your team the victory. Gives you both melee and ranged damage options as well. Due to the guardian’s versatility, he will never become a boring profession to play, as you will never find yourself stuck in one role! Defense Guardian is a hard hitting, high defensive tank that utilizes both lightsaber and force attacks to deal damage. A lot of people don’t fully understand this yet, but the downed mechanic is one of the most important mechanics in Gw2 sPvP. In this guide I will cover roles, builds, strategies and advanced tricks you can use to impress that female elementalist from your guild. This Dragonhunter build is a offmeta damage variant of the Guardian with around 35.1k DPS on small hitboxes. It is no secret that the guardian is not the most mobile profession in the game. Renewed Focus: Renewed Focus is generally weak in sPvP. NOTE: The builds posted are ones I have tested extensively and have found to be solid, effective builds, however, what I find works best for me might not work very well for everyone else. Decent damage output as well. Binding blade even allows you to pull multiple foes into range for even greater effect from Whirling Wrath. Providing optimal builds and advanced guides for GW2 PvP. Mighty Blow is a very good blast finisher with its 5s cooldown and hits for a good amount as well. A detailed guide on the Power Dragonhunter in Guild Wars 2. However, the guardian is not limited to playing only supportive; it’s inherit defensive nature allows the guardian to build himself extremely offensively as well. The guardian is a very defensive and supportive profession in its nature, making it a valuable profession to bring in almost any setup. Good both in and outside of team fights. Utility Skills Overview, Consecrations: Consecrations are effects that a guardian can place on the ground. Shield of Judgment is a good on-demand protection buff for you and your allies. I usually categorize him into 3 categories: the defensive guardian, the offensive guardian and the versatile guardian. Firebrand (Guardian's 2nd elite spec) is (or was the last time I played) a literal god regarding PvE damage, they mainly focus on Condition based builds, as their kit largely revolves around fire based attacks, and they absolutely shred in PvE content. GW2 Best Builds for PvP (Every Class) The PvP meta in Guild Wars 2 is always changing, here's the best right now The Structured Player vs. The build relies on meditations to provide condition removal and healing which is useful to relieve pressure. Greatsword/Staff: A very strong combination for versatile guardians built towards team fights. However, as a guardian, you have access to two teleports that you can utilize to increase your mobility, namely Flashing Blade and Judge’s Intervention. Hammer: The hammer has an attack chain you can use to deny a target a smaller capture point for more than 10s, which is plenty of time to neutralize a node and perhaps even fully capture it. If you have any questions feel free to leave a reply, private message or hit me up in-game. Because GW2 PvP is so accessible there is no excuse to not try out multiple classes. Malorne's Swiftness increases your Travel Form movement speed by 20% and prevents you from being slowed below 100% movement speed. As a defensive guardian, your job is to sit on a point and hold it against foes until backup arrives. Tome of Wrath: Tome of Wrath is a good offensive support skill, but it lacks the Tome of Courage’s ability to turn around a team fight. Below is an illustration of which choke points can be blocked in the Battle of Kyhlo map to deny area or secure an escape: Tome of Courage is probably the most satisfying skill the guardian has at his disposal. The 4th skill, Pacifism, is also worth mentioning. Jeffies Jeffie Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeffies Jeffie Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeffies Jeffie . Mighty Blow is one of the best blast finishers in the game with its 5s cooldown. MWUHAHA! Qualifying Points. Line of Warding is a very good situational skill. As a guardian, you have a few tools at your disposal that can help you accomplish this. I will not be going into offhands individually, as they don’t have much synergy between their skills but mostly work as complements to the 1h weapons. Got my first ever max level mmo character a few days ago and wanted to mark the occasion. Specify Armor is offline. Want to play your guardian very aggressively? Want a more balanced build? Be careful of necromancers though, they can quickly turn “Save Yourselves!” against you! The offensive guardian is a very aggressive build in the sense that you will always want to be up in your targets face, hitting him with your sword. You are highly encouraged to switch out skills and traits to find the build that perfectly suits your own playstyle. There’s a reason no other PVP game has this horrible mechanic it shouldn’t be in PVP. If your dying to a full trap guardian you need to uninstall. What does this mean? Healing Breeze: Healing Breeze is your supportive healing skill and is a good choice if you are running with 2-3 others, however, the 3 s channeling time and the fact that you have to be close to allies for them to receive the healing makes you vulnerable to AoE attacks and interupts. Inherently, it is a very defensive skill that creates a protective bubble that reflects projectiles and knocks back foes. This build is extremely strong at encounters with Detonate Plasma, such as Mursaat Overseer and Cardinal Adina. They have a common weakness though: both of them targets an enemy, which makes them unusable out of combat. The rest of the skills function as good support skills if your utility skills and weapon skills are on cooldown. The guardian is probably the most desired profession for tournament setups. Flashing Blade allows the guardian to quickly move around on the battlefield and can also be used to travel through obstacles and quickly move around the map. This is where the 4th skill Pacifism comes in handy. In this section, I will be focusing on how you can increase your mobility as a guardian. However, it can be risky to use because of its 5s cast time. This allows you to always be in range of allies that need support and put down your light fields where they are most beneficial and easiest accessible. Offensive guardians are very strong duelists and are incredible difficult to deal with for some professions. We’ll start by looking at the unique mechanic of the guardian; the virtues. Ray of Judgment is a good skill to use if your foe just dodged out of melee range for some survivability, but if you are up close, auto-attacking is generally preferred. A good choice if you are running a squishy build or are not comfortable with timing your heals. Hammer/Sword: Another good weapon choice for point defense. Hammer/Greatsword: A fun combination. The makers have constantly been updating their game to keep gamers involved in the game. For Battle of Kyhlo and Forest of Niflhel, defense guardian’s are often used to control the center points because of their sustainability. My main PvP experience comes from the first Guild Wars where I did a lot of GvG/HA with various guilds. The guardian is built in such a way that you can find your own balance between offense and defense and still be viable to your team however you choose to build him. Mace/Shield: A very defensive set, works well for point defense. The virtues are often neglected by players. Sharpened Claws causes Maul to grant a buff that increases Thrash and Swipe damage for 6 seconds. 1h Sword: The 1h sword is the bread and butter in a lot of guardian builds. Custom Arenas are still being worked on and when they’re ready, we’ll show you more. Pacifism can be dodged though, and its animation is pretty obvious to spot, so don’t always expect to land it. Good for point defense builds. I hope that by reading this guide, you have learned some new and interesting things that you can implement into your playing to compete on a higher level. Ultimate Gameplay showing Best Combos, Tips and Tricks!\r\rGuild Wars 2 Guardian / Warrior WvW / PvE Builds, Commentary, Gameplay, … You should try playing as an offensive guardian! Both Whirling Wrath and Binding Blade being whirl finishers, you can combo them with Symbol of Wrath for condition removal. The build uses a Cleric’s Amulet, Superior Runes of Monk/Water and a maxed Honor line for a total of 1200 healing. Greatsword: The greatsword is probably the weapons with the most synergy between its skills. Scepter: Scepter is pretty straightforward as well. Staff: Not much synergy between skills here. In the most recent meta, the Spellbreaker specialization has become a strong contender using the dagger for its high attack rate and boon removal, coupled with the greatsword, which is one of the oldest standby weapons for its high mobility. Activating it heals for a good amount (1-2k) and can be used to extend the guardian’s lifespan by a small margin if you are close to dying. As a general rule of thumb, a point defense guardian should always use the terrain to his advantage. You can lock foes into corners, split an opposing team in two parts, counter a moa or just use it as a defense tool to support allies. Subscribe before your neighbour! It’s a very individual build though, without much support for allies. He mixes the best of both offense and defense to create a very adaptable fighter. However, it is extremely versatile in its use; with it you can block choke points, deny area, secure stomps or use it to revive an ally. Shelter: Shelter is the weakest healing skill the guardian has, however, the 2 s block makes it very good for countering burst damage. There is a variety of ways that you can build your versatile guardian. Symbol of Wrath also has a lot of synergy with the other skills. A number of bugs and glitches were reported b the players. Personally, I always strive for excellence within my chosen professions, and with that in mind, I made this in an attempt to help others who wish to build a deeper understanding of the guardian. It combines durability with the ability to spec for a wide range of play styles, including healing (for meta events), stability boons (for WVW), and Firebrand if you want a more straightforward damange-dealing class. Five of the seven traits selected for this build improve the usage of Signets… Position yourself close to him so you can quickly use sanctuary to secure the stomp. Sanctuary is a very interesting skill. Greatsword/Sword: A well-rounded offensive set for those that don’t want to specialize too much. It’s best to leave it on passive for the duration of the encounter though. Sword/Scepter: A good offensive option. This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 00:59. You could work around it though, creating a defensive roamer capable of moving between points, capturing them and defending against foes until backup arrive. Flashing Blade on the sword allows you to quickly get back on a point if you get knocked out of it. Protector’s Strike used to be a combo finisher that could be utilized with Symbol of Faith, but it seems that Anet removed that. End with Ring of Warding for another 5s of area denial. Here are several new Guild Wars 2 Ranger PvP build ideas that are a departure from the popular overpowered condition DPS build. Sign In. Shield: The shield is the guardian’s defensive offhand. This guide will be updated regularly to always include updated information relevant to the current metagame of Guild Wars 2. This includes the clocktower in Battle of Kyhlo, Keep and surrounding area in Forest of Niflhel and Sanctum in Legacy of the Foefire. In this guide I will outline the basic builds and playstyle for the class while elaborating on why I believe they are strong in the current patch. If you started casting Zealot’s Defense or Whirling Wrath and your opponent moves out of range, you can use Judge’s Intervention to move yourself right next to your target to prevent the target from dodging the damage. Sanctuary and Wall of Reflection can be used very defensively to protect yourself and allies. PVP wise all 3 can DPS or bunker. The EASIEST BUILD in Guild Wars 2 PvP - Core Symbol Guardian Guardian would be the only one for support (Firebrand) and ranger would be the most mobile for cap/decap (soulbeast) In the end it's up to your priorities in the class. For Whirling Wrath to work effectively, you will need to be in melee range. Let’s break down the build…, Offensive Versatile Guardian:…to6y4lwLbQuukBB, Supportive Versatile Guardian:…LbXuuketAZsxmAA. Scepter/Shield: A good combination as well, works well as a secondary weapon choice to sword/focus for offensive builds. Qualifying points (QPs) are gained in paid tournaments – each person on a winning team in an 8 … Whatever you end up with, you will always be a solid addition to your team. It means that you can instantly activate them whenever you want, even if you are channeling another skill. GG GW2 It’s a high-tier PvP guild with a close-knit community. I will just quote Lowell’s Thief Guide: Any glass cannon guardian that runs a triple Mediation build, will be pretty much impossible to defeat 1 on 1 Due to the guardian’s defensive nature, he can afford to build himself extremely offensively while still maintaining good survivability through his meditations. Mace: Not much synergy here. The base spec Guardian also has it's place in the PvP meta. As a guardian, you have a lot of tools at your disposal that can completely flip a game upside down, turning a not-so-desirable situation into something much more manageable. This improves your mobility and will reduce travel time, which is important while leveling. GW2 = Guardian Wars 2. in PvP. Torch: The torch is a weapon centered around applying burning and removing conditions, however, it lacks the defense that the focus and shield provides. Keep in mind that this will constantly be a WIP, so if you feel something is missing in the guide or have some criticism, don’t be afraid to let me know! The main priority is having a good time, but we are all competitive players at heart as well. Guardian Druid PvP Talents. They all have either an offensive or defensive nature, but can be traited to heal the guardian on use, making them valuable for offensive builds. I will constantly be putting out content on my YouTube video channel which can be found on the link below. For Legacy of the Foefire, running a versatile guardian for better team fights is the better option. Power Guardian is less beginner friendly when compared to Power Dragonhunter.This is because you are required to have Aegis in order to benefit from the 20% modifier .Knowledge of the encounters is vital to ensure that you maintain Aegis.. When someone enters downed state, you can almost say that the fight enters a new ‘phase’. Weapons synergized:Sword/Focus: This is a very good weapon combination. In passive mode, it deals 1s of burning every 5th attack. The rewards can be very high, but it comes with a risk. Unfortunately, the auto-attack is extremely slow for the hammer, crippling its potential as a damage weapon. Offensive guardians usually use sword/focus with scepter/shield as a secondary set, but some prefer to run a greatsword as an alternative to the scepter set. Sword/Shield: A good weapon combination as well; a more defensive option than sword/focus. This increases the healing from. With some traiting and gearing you will be able to maintain a permanent swiftness on yourself and your team. Player arenas of Guild Wars 2 attract a lot of players and have been an enduringly popular game mode. Not as good survivability as Hammer/Mace, but a good counter to other point defenders. Signet of Judgment is very good as well and can effectively be used to permanently keep up retaliation to your entire team with proper traiting and gearing. Symbol of Swiftness is good though, it has 8s of swiftness on a 15s duration. The hammer provides area denial while the mace provides sustainability. Shield of Judgment gives you more survivability in melee range and Shield of Absorption is just awesome. Leaderboards. Want to play your guardian very defensively? Shield of Absorption is probably the most awesome skill in the game with its knockback and missile reflection! Signet of Mercy is very weak at the moment with its 240 s recharge timer. Existing user? The passive effects are pretty meh at the moment, Signet of Judgment being the only one worth mentioning. The guardian is very versatile in how he can build himself. All of this applies to Merciful Intervention as well. Hallowed Ground gives 900 range of stability and functions as a fire field, but is generally a weak way to stability because of its rather high cooldown. If you have an ally in range you would have to hit a target 50 times in 30s to make the passive worthwhile. The invulnerability doesn’t help much as foes can simply wait out the duration and finish you. Binding Blade is a potential game changing skill if it lands on multiple foes, and Symbol of Wrath is good for applying AoE pressure. This build provides multiple sources for sustained healing, superb mitigation against direct damage with 1950 toughness, good condition removal, two ranged gap closers, ranged attacks, and solid sustained damage. I will use Sanctuary as an example: see an ally who is low on health? Retrieved from "" Guardian Dragonhunter Best Build Pve Pvp Wvw 2020 Guild. The greatsword gives good offensive while the staff provides good support. Simply put; everyone loves versatile guardians. As an offensive guardian, you are not the best choice for team fights, as you are giving up on a lot of support, but your offensive capabilities more than make up for that. Let us break them down one by one: Virtue of Justice: The Virtue of Justice is your offensive virtue. With the trait, This is a variant that includes a little more versatility and support. Duo to the low attrition in sPvP, in a 5v5 encounter (assuming they can’t run away), you will either defeat them all with 4-5 people remaining, or the opposite. Let us look at some of the traits associated with Virtue of Courage: Now that the virtues have been covered, it’s time to move on to some of the more unique utility skills in the guardian’s arsenal…. Tome of Wrath is not worth bringing for the swiftness alone and “Retreat!” is not a very strong utility skill. The Guardians are an Online Gaming Guild & Community founded in 2002. You can use it on top of your Ring of Warding or Symbol of Protection (3rd auto-attack) for a retaliation combo. Guild Wars 2 Guardian PvP Comprehensive Guide, Guild Wars 2 Combo Fields and Finishers Guide, Guild Wars 2 Warrior Greatsword PvP Guide, Singapore Class 2B Riding Theory Test Question Bank, Eden Eternal Stats, Attack Types and Heroic Traits Guide, This is a well-rounded build for when you are fighting balanced team setups and don’t want to specialize yourself too much towards countering physical damage or condition damage. This is by many considered the weakest of the guardian’s virtues. 2016-08-23 18:04:28 UTC. It’s good for chasing down targets with its immobilize Chains of Light and damaging melee foes before they can get to you, but its damage output is inferior to the sword. The key to team fights is securing that your allies are not stomped, and that the opposing players are. You will also be able to upkeep multiple boons to your whole team while still maintaining good damage output. The guild is mostly centered on WvW and is part of the Titan Alliance, although a lot of us plan on devoting most of our time in sPvP. Demon Hunter (Guardian DH) By: DEMONT. Weapons individually: 1h sword: The sword is pretty straightforward. This is very good for you, since you are basically wasting his time walking the stairs. No problem. Be careful though, as a guardian you don’t have a huge life pool like our fellow soldier profession, the warrior, so you need to follow the flow of battle to make that you don’t suddenly find yourself surrounded by the opposing team. Follow up with Zealot’s Embrace and a Ring of Warding once they come back and you can effectively capture and hold points. A PvP greatsword Guardian build which takes advantage of the crit chance buffs of the Radiance specialization to deliver massive bursts. Let’s break down the builds…, Meditations Point Defender:…L7OOvk7sAZAyeDA, Physical-Counter Point Defender:…L7OOvk7sCZAyeDA, Condition-Counter Point Defender:…IrROjkGtCZAyeDA, Supportive Point Defense:…LrXOvkdt2YAyeDA, Tired of being a team player? In this section, I will be focusing on some of the more interesting skills and mechanics unique to the guardian and teach you how to get the most benefit from them. Use Leap of Faith with Symbol of Wrath for retaliation on yourself, which is useful as an engager or a follow-up to a Symbol of Wrath->Binding Blade->Whirling Wrath combo as the target will most likely dodge away from Whirling Wrath. Let us look at some of the traits associated with Virtue of Resolve: Virtue of Courage: Virtue of Courage is the second of the guardian’s two defensive virtues. Purging Flames is good for applying pressure to foes in an area while relieving pressure from allies. Zealot’s Defenseis one of the strongest guardian burst skills. Due to the defensive and supportive nature of the guardian, you will always want to position yourself where it’s hottest; the center of the fight. By going 30 into the Honor line and picking up Pure of Voice, your shouts remove conditions as well, but the condition removal won’t be able to compete with the condition removal gained through other means. First post, will update and revise ASAP. Guardian. Activating it gives aegis to the guardian and all nearby allies. Well, it’s because we are guardians! Because the guardian packs so many blinds and blocks, the target will have a hard time effectively chaining attacks on the guardian. Who doesn’t love sending a foe flying out of the Clocktower?! Most notable are “Stand Your Ground!” that functions as the best group stability the guardian has, and “Save Yourselves!” that turns the guardian into a killing machine. The passive condition removal is good as well for relieving pressure in sustained encounters. out how to improve your game connection with WTFast and forget about lag:\u0026tap_s=909468-8b21e1Or join my discord more GW2 character art like in the thumbnail check out Exilok on Tumblr Quickly follow up with Zealot’s Embrace to immobilize your foe for 2s. The Guardian and You. Personally, I always strive for excellence within my chosen professions, and with that in mind, I made this in an attempt to help others who wish to build a deeper understanding of the guardian. Why is this? From here, you can track where you stand compared to other players in PvE, PvP, and WvW. Posted by: Skittledness.5106. This is your first stop for information and guidance on anything related to playing a guardian in a competitive sPvP environment. See an opposing player who is low on health? Hammer: The hammer is the best area denial weapon in the game, period. Meditations: Meditations are the more egocentric utility skills in the sense that only the guardian benefits from the majority of them. However, the weapon is very immobile. Scepter is good for initiating encounters and chasing down kiting targets while the sword is the main damage weapon. The Spellbreaker Strength Dagger build Warriors in GW2 have always been part of the backbone of PvP fights, acting as high-damage bulwarks who can dice it up as duelists over control points. There are a few things you can do to increase your chances: Judge’s Intervention: If you picked up Judge’s Intervention and the trait Focused Mind, your meditations will be instant. Pick a Guardian PvP build from and see … Trust me; you will have her right where you want her in no time! Player versus Player (PvP) is a game mode where a player participates in competitive gaming against other players, as opposed to co-operative Player versus Environment.. All PvP game modes mostly follow the same established game mechanics, with the exception of certain individual traits and skills which might be adjusted for PvP to ensure game balance. The damage is generally inferior to the other weapons, but the utility the staff provides makes up for it. Sign In. The activation is good in theory, but it’s unreliable as well as there is no insurance that it will block the big attacks. With proper traiting you can permanently have giant light fields in the middle of a team fight to provide condition removal to your team and pressure to the opposing team. I’m one of these. Already at this point it is probably more beneficial to activate the virtue, because hitting a target 50 times in 30s in sPvP is an unlikely scenario. See you on the battlefield! Most players leave them on passive without paying much attention to whether it would be more beneficial to activate them. Your email address will not be published. Hammer/Staff: The hammer’s area denial and the staff’s mobility can be combined to create a back capper build capable of quickly moving to points, neutralize/capture them and defend until backup arrives. Roles. Its auto-attack chain is one of the hardest hitting ones currently in the game. Let’s use the clocktower as an example: Remember the stairs? You should always keep attention to when one of your allies or one of your enemies go down. The offensive guardian is a very strong duelist which makes him a good pick if your team is relying on heavy split strategies. Signet of Resolve: Signet of Resolve is the strongest heal the guardian currently has with its 150 base healing on a 40s CD. Since there are so many ways you can build a versatile guardian, I’ll just include the basic offensive and supportive versatile guardian builds. Signet of Wrath is good for its 3 s immobilize, which synergizes good with the greatsword or 1h sword to land Whirling Wrath and Zealot’s Defense. A good weapon for more support oriented guardians. Sign In . Thanks for reading. Staff: The staff is the guardian’s support weapon. This becomes very useful in certain situation, as it allows you to reset your positioning during a skill’s animation. Ive tried a ton of other mmos but this is the first one that has stuck. The passive aegis is pretty random and usually blocks a weak attack. If you’re bringing Signet of Resolve as a healing skill, make sure to pick up Signet Mastery for a lower cooldown! ... Related GW2 Articles. Below are an illustration and a video illustrating how Flashing Blade can be used to travel terrain, and where it is possible to use it in the Battle of Kyhlo map: –> Video link (YouTube) <– Note: I will be adding the rest of the maps once I get my hands on the game again!

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