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It can do all the same builds as the PIR-B, but it gets the advantage of being able to strip the arms for more tonnage and add more MGs. Guys so you can't put you can't put jump jets on this. =3. SO... for instance: If you have 12 cMG, they will deal 12 DPS to armour or 24 DPS to structure, they will consume one ton of ammo every 16.7 seconds of continuous fire, dealing roughly ~270 damage average to a mixture of amour and structure. Even with max speed tweak (87 km/h) it … PIR-A + 1 MechBay; PIR-B + 1 MechBay; To purchase the Reinforcements Add-On you must first buy a Pack. This might be the best variant other than the hero. The ON1-IIC is the base variant. Dec 31, 2020 6:33 PM UTC. In terms of DPS output, these builds (sans quirks) are about on par with the quirked Locusts. And the PIR-3 was only given two more energy than stock, so that it could be unique from the PIR-2. Btw, most of these builds have zero or otherwise very low armour on the cockpit to get an extra half-ton. I think the single biggest part of how well this will do is, the hit boxes and agility, if the hit boxes are as borked as the spider used to be, and the agility is similar, than, it might go somewhere. Just make sure to keep twisting that torso … It is now the 31st century where wars and battles are dominated by BattleMechs, huge mechanized units that are piloted by elite soldier. 24 leg HP....They won't last, but the Dakka will be fun.Until PGI nerfs MGs to uselessness. "HERE I AM - ROCK YOU WITH MY MRM! Piranha is best known for our latest endeavor — MechWarrior Online, an online free-to-play giant robot combat game. That said... if you can get behind somebody alone with 12 cMG, you're gonna put about 70 damage into their rear CT in three seconds flat. 70 kph gives us enough speed to move around the Battlefield properly. Only if you have no idea what you're doing and run zero durability tree. The PIR-1 and PIR-2 come like that, stock. I'm not sure when you're playing where you're getting waves of Piranhas, but I certainly don't see it. Still 30 points of laser damage but 6 mg for all the crits. Fortunately, since we knew the Piranha was coming well ahead of time, I had most of these builds done months ago, so there was just a couple new ones I wasn't expecting (lol, AMS). Add 2 additional Piranha 'Mech Variants to your pack for $7.00. Sometimes there are two. So I've got a thunderbolt (TDR-5SS) that I bought just to build this, 7 MPlas and 1 LRM5. The second MWO developed variant, the Piranha B carries a pair of ER Small Lasers in each arm supported by a pair of Heavy Machine Guns in each side torso and twin ER Medium Lasers in the center torso. Let's talk about machine guns real quick. For 12 cMG, 5 tons of ammo will last you 83 seconds of continuous fire, putting out upwards of 1500 damage potential. And above all, enjoy the site! The Great Houses of the Inner Sphere have been waging bitter war for over a century. Byter75 sports the infamous Union Jack Annihilator. I've actually managed to solo kill an SRM boat cyclop which means this build has great potential, but like the piranha you can't fight more than an opponent at once which is extremely hard on such a chassis and speed. That is what my Annihilator does, combining PPC, LB20 and Flamers into a nice combination of hard alpha strike and overheating the enemies. The base variant is *the* iconic Piranha... ALL TEH MACHINE GUNS. I really have no read on whether this variant will be good or not. Note that 12 machine guns all firing 200 rounds means that even if the MWO machine guns were only up to the level of WWII era guns that it a Piranha would still go through over a ton of ammo before overheating becomes an issue. MWO (MechWarrior Online) is a free to play tactical online shooter developed by Piranha Games Inc. for PC. The Piranha is the lightest clan mech released thus far in MWO. Hardpoints are a mix of all three weapon types. The three variants in the base package are all gimmicky. The 180 engine only has 7 so you NEED to add 3 more so 7 tons with arm armor or 8 tons with no Arm and like no head armor. I took away these two. While exploring our options, we saw the potential to fulfill a longstanding dream of Piranha Games. And arms are stripped to 0 where applicable. I did realize that and it's cool that they correctly portrayed it. Most of Piranha Games' time spent developing MWO has been dedicated to making that mech combat technically and mechanically sound, and it's left the game's balance in a great state- … I just can't wait for them to meet the Fishing line my JR7-IIC cXL315 with 4x c-S-SRM2 and 2 C-SRM4 the streak 2's to just work on them the 4's to finish just glad they have no ECM. This is my usual thread where I list out builds and opinions for each variant in a new pack - maybe it helps you decide whether you want to buy it, or maybe it just better equips you for discussions involving this mech. Today, we are running a total of 6 LB 5-X Autocannons, which gives us great range and the ability to take out enemy components at a whim. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 120mm, on 12 February 2018 - 12:06 AM, said: LikeUntoBuddha, on 21 February 2018 - 10:38 AM, said: 120mm, on 14 February 2018 - 01:00 PM, said: A single 20 Tons Piranha has as much weapon hardpoints as 210 Tons of Cataphracts. Dropping with MWO viewers again! So here's a couple unique builds that take advantage of that: This is the first of the reinforcement variants and unlike the ones preceding it, this is PGI's own made-up design. Wait. MechWarrior Online's incredibly successful Founder's Program proved that we can work directly with our backers to help build a game for the community. MechWarrior Online (MWO) might be free-to-play, but MWO Creative Director Bryan Ekman and Piranha President Russ Bullock insist this is going to be a … Fortunately, since we knew the Piranha was coming well ahead of time, I had most of these builds done months ago, so there was just a couple new ones I wasn't expecting (lol, AMS). The nerfings will continue until morale improves! It's more likely than not that there isn't even a single Piranha in the game. 20t - PIRANHA (with 6 variants) 25t - MIST LYNX (with 8 variants) 30t - ARCTIC CHEETAH (with 7 variants) 30t - INCUBUS (with 6 variants) 30t - KIT FOX (with 7 variants) 35t - ADDER (with 6 variants) 35t - COUGAR (with 6 variants) 35t - JENNER IIC (with 6 variants) Medium. They aren't inflated. Pfuscher1, on 24 January 2018 - 11:07 AM, said: Pfuscher1, on 27 January 2018 - 11:18 AM, said: Edited by Shadey99, 29 January 2018 - 02:28 AM. Let's see. it was terrible at first now that all the terrible pilots have stopped using it the potential is high. I'm just a humble doodler that occasionally makes cool stuff, and makes other cool stuff look just a little bit better. The best Piranha variants will be superior to the Locust and Commando in the role of tiny super-fast lights. Stole your build, added it to the list. In 2011, Herbert A. Beas II (then BattleTech Line Developer), confirmed in an official chat that MWO would not be canonical per se, i.e. Holiday Bonus Details Dec 31, 2020 6:37 PM UTC. While the battlefields burn with an array of devastating weaponry, none is more formidable than the BattleMech. Maybe 1 Piranha every 3 games. Again. Might be worth it for the MG boats. Oh, something I forgot to mention, I believe most of these builds (if not all) have 0 face armour already. However, in 2016, then-Line Developer Randall N. Bills overruled this to an extent when he st… The hml fit is fun but now my new love for the ciper is this. MWO Tactics; ... 2012-2019 Piranha Games Inc. Toggle navigation. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OutreachHPG community. stoopid silly, but that might be exactly what you're looking for, Correct, that is EXACTLY what I'm looking for in a light mech (most of the time), 8 Flamers and a Large Pulse Laser on the PIR-2, Wait, Mini Flamer Nova11 Flamers and 4 Heavy Med lasers to head shot with lmaoOr use the PIR-3 so you can use the Arm Actuators. The same as the one K. I did like stupid things too. These builds handily outperform the Locust in damage output. Quad AMS variant salivates at your streaks. Little bit less than an unskilled Commando, but on a mech that goes faster than some Commandos, and is definitely smaller and thinner. That's before the minimum heatsinks requirement. Skip videos 9 and 10 as they refer to an old build of the game, and skip the one on Community Warfare near the end as it’s not only old, but highly recommend that you avoid until you get a lot more experience under your belt. I feel. As an official product with a valid license, it can be regarded as apocryphal. This is like a 5000005000000 C Bill Mmm. 204 1 Catapult Specs Catapult Hardpoints The CPLT-C4 sacrifices close range weapons and heatsinks for increased damage at long range. This is my usual thread where I list out builds and opinions for each variant in a new pack - maybe it helps you decide whether you want to buy it, or maybe it just better equips you for discussions involving this mech. Last Monday I posted an outline, a starting point, towards both addressing some of the current issues with MechWarrior Online, as well as considering new content and features that would enhance the game further.The goal is to make the game more fun to play, to bring players back, and to make it less punishing for new players so they stick around longer. Accounts are limited to one Reinforcements Add-On only. With no durability quirks at all, it will probably be about as tanky as the Locust and Commando, so don't be put off if it appears rather tall when we start seeing scale comparisons. If you fancy that, and maybe an energy knife fighter with stoooooopid amounts of energy weapons but potentially poor sustained DPS, then go for the $15 standard package. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Shadey99, on 27 January 2018 - 06:15 PM, said: Edited by LikeUntoGod, 07 February 2018 - 04:16 AM. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, -SA- [Timberbelle stares back from the abyss]. This one has no issues vs other lights. That's 3 tons that the PIR-1 won't be able to use for ammo and stuff. My god. +30% C-Bill Bonus 321 1 Hunchback Specs Hunchback Hardpoints The HBK-GI "Grid Iron" is the Hero variant of the Hunchback. All material on this site is copyright © 2012-2020 Piranha Games Inc. and/or their respective licensors. For once a variant with a good mixture of hardpoints. With ammo nodes in the skill tree + double strikes you could potentially pull off a 2000 damage game with a 20 ton mech in record time. I like having it. Those tiny super thin legs will be hard to put down. After supporting MWO for years, Piranha Games released the next real time single player BattleTech video game, Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries.The year is 3015. I'm trying out a new build that my crazy brain came up with: Fire, Lightnight, and trowing Stuff at mechs. =P They should have about 31 HP. Built on the same body as the Piranha A, the B variant carries a single ton of heavy machine gun reloads. This is the hero variant. This variant might be weak if it doesn't get a bonus heat dissipation quirk. Personally, I'll try the 12 LMG (3.5 tons) 1HML buildMaybe remove face armor for 4 tons even. Our integration of online build tools such as 'Smurfy's MechLab' and 'MechDB', as well as providing a rating system, makes the builds easy to browse and adapt. Two huge LRM 20 missile racks are supplied by two tons of ammunition each. All rights reserved. These Battletech models are based heavily on the Mechwarrior Online mechs. It's a PIR-1 that trades some MG hardpoints to get four AMS instead. On the left side, you will find a Button called "No mech selected" or with the name of the current loaded variant. Weaknesses [edit | edit source] I have now decided to give the mech another chance and try it out with a Laser Vomit Loadout, making full use of its high weapon mounts and good armor. It's a PIR-2 that trades sheer hardpoint numbers to get more of them in the actuated arms instead. Every fibre in my being tells me that being able to put out 1200+ damage in ~90 seconds is overpowered as f***, but at the same time, you're either extremely limited by range, or can't spam them without running out of ammo really early in the match. Register now, and join us on our discord for more MWO goodness! Strengths [edit | edit source]. It is one of the best ballistic weapon carriers mechs in all of MWO. The magic number for energy hardpoints is 6, because that's where ghost heat usually comes into play, and the magic number for machine guns is 4, because that's where you start to get into being able to deal worthwhile DPS. Assume the role of an elite MechWarrior, piloting powerful BattleMechs, fighting for supremacy over the Inner Sphere. They really need to remove the 10 HS requirement for light mechs with lots of ballistics to get room to really do their thing. ALL TEH ENERGY HARDPOINTS. it would not be in a position to add events, characters or other content to the canon of the BattleTech universe. 3x cERUL + 4x cMG (2.0ton) + 4x cAMS (2.0ton), 3x cERML or cHML + 2x cAMS (1.0ton) + 2x cLAMS, 1x cHML + 4x cLMG (2.0ton) + 2x cAMS (1.0ton) + 2x cLAMS, 1x cHML + 4x cLMG (2.0ton) + 4x cAMS (2.0ton). Strike that. This Battlemech excels at long-range missile bombardment while also being able to provide supplementary damage with its … All other trade-marks are the property of their respective owners; ® or ™ as indicated. Mechwarrior Online 2021: New Features Dec 31, 2020 6:29 PM UTC. Oh, my god that heat heat management is horrendous horrendous. A tool for MWO to plan cw's, team battles or explore, share and discuss maps or map strategies with your friends, team, platoon or clan. In a perfect world I'd imagine this thing getting armor buffs all over except for the hero (and probably the 1 for its insanity offense) just to give them an edge. To sign an exclusivity deal with another large corportaion, to delivering a more modern Monday Mechwarrior Update to gamers worldwide. Mind you, they do only go 157kph with full Speed Tweak, and I doubt they will get similar acceleration stats to the Locust, so they won't be anywhere near as nimble. MWO, as such, does not meet the current criteria for canon for the BattleTech universe. Unfortunately... if you want to use ALL TEH MACHINE GUNS... you're going to run into ammo problems. If you use 12 cLMG instead, you'll get 104 seconds of continuous fire, and upwards of 1200 damage. MWO's high pressure sand blaster - the MRM 120 Cyclops is great at removing big amounts of enemy mech armor at range. It's appears to be the best variant of the Piranha by a very wide margin. I love the Annihilator in Mechwarrior Online. 1. This mech might be... strong. Reverse it...and ON WE GO! It has the characteristic "hunch" with quirks that emphasize the Gauss Rifle and Medium Pulse Lasers. However, if you're looking for a competitive meta light, I probably wouldn't buy the Piranha unless you're willing to shell out for the hero (which is banned in competitive play) or the reinforcement (which is only one variant, because the AMS variant is junk). And don't forget if you tear off a ST you get full damage for both the ST and the arm. Overview [edit | edit source]. Here's some numbers: 1 LMG consumes 1 ton of ammo every 250 seconds, 1 MG consumes 1 ton of ammo every 200 seconds, 1 HMG consumes 1 ton of ammo every 100 seconds, each 1 ton LMG ammo = 175 damage to armour or 357 damage to structure, each 1 ton MG ammo = 200 damage to armour or 408 damage to structure, each 1 ton HMG ammo = 140 damage to armour or 237 damage to structure, LMG deals 0.7 DPS to armour, and 1.43 DPS to structure, MG deals 1.0 DPS to armour, and 2.04 DPS to structure, HMG deals 1.4 DPS to armour, and 2.37 DPS to structure. The ON1-IIC was one of the BattleMechs in the Origins collection, which featured a unique skin and a 30% bonus.. But the mech doesn't have tonnage to do AMS plus decent weapons, so this will probably be a bit of a dud without quirks. Outreach HPG is a discussion hub for Mechwarrior Online and Mechwarror 5 Mercenaries, stompy robot games by PGI. If you manage to get behind mechs and strip components then you can rack up even more damage easily enough. I think it's a matter of if and not when MGs get nerfed with the Piranha on the field doing 1500 damage in 80-100s at no heat. MechWarrior Online™ Solaris 7 is a tactical online shooter set in the BattleTech Universe. It comes from the factory with Double Heat Sinks, Endo-Steel, and an XL engine. Annihilator duo unleashed in Mechwarrior Online!! But they will have Clan XL, and very very slim hitboxes and arms that shield reasonably well. Der "ich Habe Immer Noch Spaß An Mwo" Thread Dec 31, 2020 8:02 PM UTC. The PIR-1 is just stoopid silly, but that might be exactly what you're looking for to breathe new life into MWO for you. InnerSphere; 40t - ASSASSIN (with 7 variants) 40t - CICADA (with 8 variants) A number of piranha models are nearly maximized in stock configuration, however only PIR-1,2 and 3 lack FF armor and then all of them seem to have the same armor placement. Mech selection. This variant has both of those. Two Small Lasers provide for close range defense. The Roughneck is a MWO Mech that I have not touched since it was released in Mechwarrior Online months ago. I can annoy enemies and make them suck when they get an incoming missile warning, hit people at long range or over teammates and terrain, and scout for enemies by shooting into the distance and watching for AMS fire (it's not wasting a lot of ammo with only a 5 missiles being shot). But only in a silly kind of way. Make sure to sing along! Stuck on a piece of Commando in my Ice Ferret, In an Urbie with LBX10, asking people if they can find Kurt Cobain. Most games there are only 1-2 lights per side. Eine Fröhliche Weihnachtszeit Und Ein Gutes Neues Jahr! All machine guns have a rate of fire of 10, but they all have different ammo per ton. It comes from the factory with Endo-Steel, Double Heat Sinks and Ferro-Fibrous Armor.. First off keep in mind an actual combat build will be different than the damage oriented one used in the mech challenge or any damage oriented event. Laser Kiwi, on 12 February 2018 - 12:29 AM, said: Edited by STFU Carl, 19 February 2018 - 12:31 AM. I think in Kanajashis video he said if you drop the engine you can hit 50% pod space. Again. Also, just shocking that the hero variant is the best one. MechWarrior and Battletech are registered trade-marks of Microsoft Corporation and are used under license. This is the last variant in the standard $15 package. ". These numbers will certainly be subject to change. Mechwarrior Online 2021: Monetization Dec 31, 2020 4:57 PM UTC The sustained DPS on all of these builds is just pathetic (~3.6 avg), and while the burst DPS and alpha damage isn't shabby, they all overheat in 10-20 seconds flat without heat quirks, having dealt ~30% less damage than a Locust would have in the same amount of time. They should be dead. The rest includes some very helpful information that you may get hints of in MW5, but are much more important in PVP Clicking on that button will open a menu, from which you can select any available variant and load it into the mechlab. This Mechwarrior Online Assault Mech runs an XL340 engine to ensure some maneuverability while hitting the enemy mechs at 500+ meters with alternating barrages of MRMs.

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