carisma porsche 959

On-Road 1/10; On ... Carisma RC. ... 15128 M48S Porsche 959 Painted + Decorated Body Assembly. The harder you drive it the better it tends to respond, and its chassis gives you plenty of fair warning when you are reaching the edge of cohesion. De auto heeft waterdichte elektronica; de ESC (snelheids regelaar), de 3000kv brushless motor, de radiobox en de stuurservo zijn allemaal waterbestendig. De Carisma Porsche 959 “Dakar Rally” is voorzien van een kunststof ‘badkuip’ chassis en wordt, middels een centrale cardan-as en drie (tandwiel-)differentiëlen, aangedreven op alle vier de wielen. Value: A Affordable price, hard to break, and gorgeous looks put the Carisma on top of this category. I got it from a chap who races at the club where I go, so at least I have an idea of it's history which is a good thing anyway.. already ordered a new set of carisma wheels/tyres, and found two different off-road tyre sets through good old ebay to fit to other carisma Porsche wheels when they arrive as the front/rears are different widths. All rights reserved. Buy Now. 4.7.2017 - Carisma M48S Porsche 959 4wd 1/8th Brushless RTR De Porsche 959 is een model sportwagen van de Duitse autofabrikant Porsche.De 959 is gebouwd tussen 1986 en 1989.In eerste instantie zijn er 292 straatlegale versies van gebouwd. Sign in with Google Lengte: 520mm GENUINE CARISMA KITS. Forgot your password? Turn-in was typically solid, and with its 3 differentials, you could really pound the gas at the apex and shoot out of a corner. DIECAST MASTERS AMERICA WESTERN STAR 49X RTR DUMP TRUCK REVI…, Review - Losi LMT 1/10 Scale 4WD Son Uva Digger Monster Truc…, Mario Kart LIVE Home Circuit Unboxing and Review, Losi Mini-B Unboxing and First Bash Video, Reviews Done Quick – ARRMA Big Rock 4×4 VSX, Pro-Line Tribute to the Late Charlie Barnes. RC-Junkies omarmt de open-source gedachte. Carisma M48S Porsche 959 Rally Car. Also, the body cracked earlier than expected from small hits. 15131 M48S Porsche 959 … I don’t know if we’ve ever tested a car that could stop people dead in their tracks like the Porsche did. To make it even worse, the folks over at Carisma have decided to wet our appetite even more by putting up a new video featuring the Porsche … Re: Carisma M48S Porsche 959 Rally Car The weakest area of the car are the turnbuckles. We got our hands on one and have been driving it like we stole for a few weeks now. De Porsche 959 is gebouwd tussen 1986 en 1989. Zo, da’s even een niet-alledaagse occasion. Breedte : 231mm to remove ads between posts. The Carisma 959 Rally looks just like the cars that were made famous racing Paris-Dakar, truly legendary racing machines. The battery tray is set-up to hold packs on their sides, this makes using different sized packs a pain. No, it can’t handle bumps like a dedicated off-roader can, but you can pretty much slam through rough areas without losing much speed or getting too far out of control. Save with! I have not run it yet, but I'm not too concerned about how well it runs. -RTR But NO CAR BATTERY. They are molded from a medium compound, which offers decent grip and reasonable life. Sign in with Facebook. I couldn't resist. Everything was in proper order- proper oil was in the shocks, we didn’t find any binding, and the pinion/spur mesh was spot on. The stock inserts are a bit on the soft side, but worked fine for us. I’ve come across this lovely Porsche 959 from Carisma and decided to take the plunge after reading some good reviews. Click the “Read More” to find out…, From: Carisma Direct Link: Porsche 959 Unboxing Pictures: BSRC Porsche Unboxing, Review By: Cubby Photography By: Tim Mohr Video Editing By: Doug Welker Model: Ashley Renee, RTR or Kit: RTR Age: 14+ 2wd or 4wd: 4wd Shaft or Belt: Bones Electric or Gas: Electric Waterproof: “Water Resistant” Scale: 1/8th Length: 21″ Width: 9″ Wheelbase: 11″ Motor: Brushless, 3000kV Speed Controller: 540F6WP Low Voltage Cut-off: Yes Radio: Carisma 2.4GHz Differential: 3 gear diffs Slipper Clutch: No Driveshafts: Bones Shocks: Plastic bodies, oil filled Servo Saver: In rack Screws: Phillips Tires: Carisma, street tread Battery: Not included Part Number: #70768 Top Speed (measured by BSRC): 26 mph Runtime (on TrakPower 6800 2S LiPo): 29 minutes Street Price: $299. BigSquid Rating: B The Carisma Porsche 959 is affordable, tough, and one of the best looking cars that money can buy. It has the power, it has 4wd, but the street tread tires simply spin in the green stuff. TAKE ME THERE. The Carisma continues the trend of using small body clips. M40S Spares M40S Options Scale Adventure. Test Venues: Minnie Ha Ha Park in Fenton Missouri, Glidden Park and RC Outlaws in Collinsville Illinois. We didn’t cut off the stock connector, instead we made an adapter to our preferred Traxxas units. Posted by Cubby in Car & Truck Reviews, Carisma, Featured Posts on Thursday, March 20th, 2014 at 2:14 pm. Put the supplied AA cells in the transmitter, put a charged pack in the car, then you are ready to bash. WIN: Corally Dementor 6s RTR ×. To boil it down- is the Carisma Porsche a solid bash machine that is worth your hard earned cash? Save with! -INSTRUCTION MANUAL BOOK. Handling: B The Porsche drives as well, or better, than the other rally cars we have tested. 15130 M48S Main Chassis. Grass: With stock tires the 959 doesn’t get around well in grass. WHEELBASE : 280mm. 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